Gaia Sticks


Gaia Spirit Wands or Talking Sticks

Gaia Spirit or Prayer sticks, also known as earth totems, are used as tools & symbols of higher communication. Indigenous people, especially Native Americans have used them for centuries. Gaia sticks are extensions of energy. They receive, direct, and channel energy. They are used to draw forth & give expression for healing, protection, purification, creation and cleansing. The significant symbolic nature of Gaia sticks reflects ritual, transition, transformation, passage, new beginnings, and endings.

The energies of the materials: wood, furs, feathers, shells, crystals, bones, skins, beads and so forth combine into a composite essence giving the Gaia totem its unique spirit. Gaia Spirit Sticks dynamically empower life.

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Andrews, Ted. Animal-Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creature Great and Small. Minnesota: Llewellyn Publication, 1994.


What does it Do?

A Gaia Spirit Stick:

  • Connects one to nature.
  • Is a tool for prayer, meditation, ceremony & ritual.
  • Contributes to alters.
  • Is a symbol of life: challenge, growth, hope, personality, character, goal, passage or transformation. (i.e. Crone’s staff to commemorate a 50th birthday).
  • Is a good luck charm.
  • Is a peace maker in groups- only the stick holder talks.
  • Is an art object to decorate person and sacred space.

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